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Dynamoto for BMW designation 'R' boxer engine models

January 09, 2020

Dynamoto for BMW designation 'R' boxer engine models

All DYNAMOTO Single Swing-arm rear stands connect to the bike securely through the large diameter hollow rear axle. The frame of the Dynamoto single swing-arm rear stand is common, and only the axle pin is swapped to suit a range of other single swing-arm makes and models, Ducati, MV Agusta, etc.

Replacement Single Swing-arm axle pins are available HERE  

BMW Model Designation 'R' 

All modern BMW motorcycles powered by boxer engines use the designation R, followed by a number indicating the approximate engine displacement. 

Example: BMW 'R' 1250 GS

Model variations are identified by abbreviations. For example,

R for Roadster
GS for Geländesport (Off-road sport)
RS for Reisesport (Travel sport),
RT for Reisetourer (Tourer)

Example: BMW R 1250 'GS' (BMW, boxer engine, approximate displacement 1250 cc, Off-road sport)

The axle pin supplied with a designation R model stand is compatible with almost all other designation R models. All compatible designation R models are listed in the product page dropdown menu - HERE

Right handed swing-arm versions of the rear stand are available for the modern Heritage range (R nineT), and earlier air cooled models. We always check back with customers to confirm that the correct sided stand is supplied. 

All compatible BMW models are listed in the product page dropdown menu - HERE

If you need a hand selecting the correct set, or your bike is not listed; get in touch, we're happy to help - GET IN TOUCH HERE

Links to common R model Dynamoto sets:
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BMW R 1200 R 2006 – 2020
BMW R 1200 R Classic 2011 – 2012
BMW R 1200 R LC
BMW R 1250 R
BMW R 1200 RS 2015 - 2020
BMW R 1250 RS
BMW R 1200 RT 2005 – 2020 All Variants
BMW R 1250 RT - All Variants
BMW R 1200 S 2006 – 2008
BMW R 1200 ST 2005 – 2008
BMW R NineT 2014 – 2020 All Variants